Thursday, 12 February 2009

So have you got a Big Idea?

If I had £10 for everyone who told me they had a great idea, but could not quite get it started, well I would have a wad of cash. So what is stopping you from making your millions and getting that big idea off the ground. Most people will say time and funding. Well Mark Cuban (an American entrepreneur) is offering to fund your idea. There are some pretty strict rules and he is going to want a slice of the pie, but the offer is out there and in this credit crunched world, funding is not easy to come by. For me the interesting thing is the rules and what they say. I have started a few business and made things to sell and I have never made money as quickly as he wants to see: Cash flow break even in 60 days and profitable in 90 days. Wow that is pretty fast! A lot of people say that the majority of business take three years to break even. The entrepreneur in me is then interested to see what ideas are being put on there, as if they can hit those figures I want to know about them. Also, if I have to get the whole thing working that fast, do I need the business angel? To me, the big idea here is go for it and if you can tick these boxes, you can probably do it yourself and you can do it fast: so give it a go. Mark may not be lending us out of a recession, but he is telling us how we can get ourselves out of it.

Have a look at it here:

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